Social Sciences and Human Decency

Understanding Between Cultures

On Wednesday and  Thursday of this week I will be lucky enough to attend the very first Federation of International Human Rights Museums conference. The Federation is coordinated by the International Slavery Museum who will also host the conference. Delegates will be attending from all over the world to discuss and debate the ways in which museums can become catalysts for social change and challenge cultural iniquity.

Black Achievers Wall, International Slavery Museum. © Lee Garland.

The Manchester Museum uses it collections and exhibitions to help achieve understanding  between cultures. This mission is especially important in a globalised  world where very different cultures are coming into contact, and occasionally into conflict, on an increasingly frequent basis.

On Saturday 25th September 2010 the exhibition China: Journey to the East will open here at the Manchester Museum. The exhibition which is full of fantastic Chinese objects from the British Museum covering a period of almost 4000 years will allow visitors to gain a greater appreciation of Chinese history and culture. Such exhibitions help us in our mission to promote understanding between cultures.

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Culture