A Mancunian Mantra: Part III

The Dalai Lama finally touched down at Manchester Airport yesterday. Over the next several days he will address a congregation of literally thousands at the MEN Arena.

Upon his arrival at the Lowry Hotel he greeted Salford mayor Ian Stewart with a customary Tibetan scarf ceremony. We have several textiles from Tibet in the Living Cultures collection, including a shawl and prayer flags.

The shawl was donated by Ms L Start and is expertly woven with geometric and animal designs. It is likely to date around the early 19th century.

Shawl. Tibet, Asia. Early 19th century. The Manchester Museum Living Cultures Collection.

The prayer flags were donated in 1955 by Prof. Rev Lawrence E Browne and depcit the wind horse, or lungta. In Tibetan Buddhist belief the wind horse represents good fortune.

Prayer flags. Tibet, Asia. 1955. The Manchester Museum Living Cultures Collection.

Here’s hoping the Dalai Lama’s visit is a successful one.