International Understanding and Cooperation

The Manchester Museum, like so many encyclopaedic museums,  plays a critical role in fostering international understanding and cooperation. The Museum accomplishes this through insightful exhibitions, collaborating with community partners and sharing expertise and experience with international colleagues. The Living Cultures collection frequently forms the basis of this work as the 18,000 objects are evidence of intercultural engagement from the 19th century onwards.

Stephen Terence Welsh, Curator of Living Cultures, examining Chinese porcelain in the Manchester Museum Resource Centre with colleagues from Wuhan Municipal Museum, China.

Most recently the Museum hosted 3 curators who were participants on the International Training Programme as coordinated by the British Museum. The Museum collaborates with the British Museum on this programme each year as the chance to converse with international colleagues is invaluable. This years curators Francisco Noelli, Levent Boz and Joyee Roy were especially interested in the use of post-colonial critique in the Museum’s approach to community engagement, exhibition development and the Living Cultures collection. You can see their appraisal of their time spent with us at:

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Cultures


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