Blades, Bobbies and the British Army

In early 2010 I received a very interesting phone call from Audra Wilson, Enquiry Counter Officer, at Wythenshawe Police Station. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) had come into the possession of a very special knife, a Gurkha Kukri to be precise.

Stephen Terence Welsh, Audra Wilson and Malcolm Chittim holding the donated Gurkha Kukri. The Living Cultures Collection, the Manchester Museum, 2011.

The knife had been voluntarily disposed of by Malcolm Chittim a local resident and ex-British soldier.  Malcolm had collected the knife from a shop in Altrincham as it was an object not entirely unfamiliar to him. He had served alongside a Gurkha regiment in Malaysia during the military conflict known as the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960.

Kukri, Nepal. The Living Cultures Collection, the Manchester Museum, 2011.

Generous donations made by individuals, such as Malcolm, and organisations, such as GMP, help museum collections to develop. The knife makes an excellent addition to the Living Cultures collection and compliments the 7 Gurkha Kukri we already have.

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Cultures


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