Young Archaeologists & the Americas

This coming Saturday I will able to share some of the fantastic objects from the American collection with members of the museum’s Young Archaeologist Club. The Living Cultures collections has a comprehensive collection of material from north, south and central America, and the Caribbean, some of which is almost 1500 years old.

Early Intermediate Nasca bowl with anthropomorphic designs, South Coast, Peru. The Manchester Museum Living Cultures collection.

My predecessor Dr. George Bankes conducted internationally recognised research in the field of Peruvian ceramics publishing a number of books including Peruvian Pottery in 1989 which features parts of the collection. Most recently Gordon Brotherston published a paper called Between Copan and the Isthmus; the Ceramic Codex of the Yojoa, Honduras based on his research of a collection of ceramics donated by Norman Scholes in the 1930s.

Moche stirrup spout bottle, Peru, 400AD-600AD. The Manchester Museum Living Cultures collection.

Saturday should prove a fascinating day for those unfamiliar with the archaeology and cultures of the Americas and Caribbean!

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Cultures


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