To Wuhan and back again

Last week I was able to travel to Wuhan, China, thanks to a generous grant from the British Council and support from Manchester City Council and the Manchester University Confucius Institute. The purpose of my trip was to develop links with Wuhan Museum and identify a potential loan for our forthcoming exhibition China: Journey to the East which will open this September. Why Wuhan I hear you ask? Well Wuhan is Manchester’s twin city and has been for some twenty years.  It was easy to see exactly why they are twinned, they share similar weather which I discovered to my peril having forgotten to pack my umbrella (an essential piece of kit for any Manchester resident) and a rich history of industrialisation and political revolution.

Wuhan Museum, 2010.

I was greeted with open arms and unparalleled hospitality. I spent half the week at Wuhan Museum touring their extensive collections, meeting various members of staff and shortlisting a number of potential loan objects. The museum covers the entire history of Wuhan, from the neolithic up to the twentieth century. They have an exquisite collection of bronzes, ceramics and calligraphy.

Bronze wine vessel, Wuhan Museum, 2010.

I was able to visit some other culture institutions and sites around Wuhan during the week thanks to the China Britain Business Council and I’ll fill you in on these over the next several days. Stay tuned!

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Cultures


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