World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day and there are commemorative and celebratory events going on the length and breadth of the country. On my way to work this morning I saw a number of plucky Lesbian and Gay Foundation members selling red ribbons in sub-zero conditions!

Several years ago I was luckily enough to visit the Gothenburg World Cultures Museum which at the time was hosting an exhibition called No Name Fever. The exhibition used personal stories, films, music and campaign ephemera from around the world to place HIV/ Aids in a global context. It was simply one of the most inspiring and empowering exhibitions I’ve ever had the good fortune to visit. Such exhibitions remind us that pandemics such as Aids do not just impact on people’s lives medically or politically but culturally also. Although the exhibition is now over you can find  out more details at the museum web address

Outside of the urban metropolises awareness is growing about the rise of HIV/ Aids sufferers amongst indigenous peoples, particularly women, around the world. Most recently the United Nations dedicated the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People in August to the spread of HIV/ Aids in these communities and highlighting the lack of access to adequate medical support.

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Cultures


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