Cultural Bonds: Manchester and Wuhan

In September 2010 the Manchester Museum will host the British Museum touring exhibition China: Journey to the East,  I’ve attached the link to the website below if anyone would like to get a better idea of how it will look.

When the exhibition arrives we will supplement the British Museum objects on display with those from our own  excellent Chinese collection, some of which you can see in the film below. We are also hoping to succeed in acquiring an international loan from Wuhan Museum and develop an international working relationship in the process.

Wuhan Museum has been chosen as a partner because the city of Wuhan has been twinned with Manchester since 1986, and the museum has a superb range of artefacts (archaeology, folklore, calligraphy) representative of Chinese culture through the ages. Manchester City Council’s International Team, part of the Economic and Urban Policy Group, has supported us in these preliminary stages and is keen to strengthen cultural ties just as they have done with business.

In summer 2009 a delegation from Wuhan, including the Vice Director of Wuhan Museum Mr. Wan Jianxin, visited the Manchester Museum. Having recently received a Connections through Culture development grant from the British Council we are hoping to pay a visit to Wuhan Museum in the near future.

Wuhan Visit 023

Wuhan delegation at the Manchester Museum. Summer 2009.

Stephen Terence Welsh

Curator of Living Cultures


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